Jennifer attends ‘The Favourite’ Screening

Jennifer Lawrence supported her best friend, Emma Stone, during the premiere of her new movie ‘The Favourite’ at Lincoln Center in New York City. Inside the theater, Jennifer was seen catching up with Taylor Swift, who was at the premiere to support boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Check the pictures in our gallery : Gallery Links: Candids Appearances > 2018 > Sep 28 – Leaving her apartment on her way to an event in New York City Candids Appearances > 2018 > Sep 28 – Arriving for NYFF56 Premiere of ‘The Favourite’ in New York City  

Jennifer Lawrence attends the 2018 Concordia Annual Summit

On September 25, Jennifer Lawrence attended the 2018 Concordia Annual Summit – Day 2 in New York City and she had a lot to say about her absence. Lawrence is taking a year off acting, as she announced in March. In that time she’s been working with Represent.Us, a bipartisan effort to pass anti-corruption legislation at a state level that also calls Adam McKay and David O. Russellboard members.  And that’s what brought her here, to this expansive hotel in Midtown Manhattan, where discussions of fair-labor supply chains and PowerPoints titled “Us vs. Them: The Failure of Globalism” ruled the day. “It could have been age, it could have been the election,” she told CBS’s Gayle King,the interviewer on hand, who asked what inspired her to take her leave. “Two years ago was when the passion for politics really started growing, and the more I was educated and educated myself, I realized the most important thing that a political movement can have is support from the right and left.” Their chat followed a TED Talk–like PowerPoint of her own, along with Josh Lynn, the managing director and co-founder of Represent.Us, that laid out a plan for how to combat widespread corruption in Washington via lobbies and dark money. “The beautiful thing about having Jen involved is this is an issue that tends to be a little boring,” Lynn told King. “People don’t wake up in the morning over breakfast and discuss like, ‘What’s happening with American democracy today?’ They’re much more concerned about being able to afford groceries or whatever the environmental crisis might be.” Lynn said he knew it would take “big megaphones” to allow Represent.Us to thrive, which is where the Oscar-winning likes of O’Russell, McKay, and Lawrence came in. “Corruption doesn’t wear a political label and the American people know that,” Lawrence said at the summit. “Everybody expects more from their parties no matter the politician or the specific party.” Wearing a D.C.-chic uniform—blazer, white button-down—and using the deft slide skills of a professional corporate speaker, she seemed perfectly at home in her new political milieu. But there were also moments where the human slipped through. “I think my whole mind went blank, I knew this was going to happen,” she said, losing the thread of her talking point. “No, it’s O.K. I have horrible stage fright.” After King pointed out that she’s Jennifer Lawrence, she pointed out, “I don’t work onstage! I don’t know why everyone says that! It’s so different!” Many screen actors spend their sabbaticals on a stage. Lawrence has too; it’s just a political one. Check out the photos below. Gallery Links: – Public Appearances > 2018 > Sep 25 │2018 Concordia Annual Summit – Day 2 in New York City

Jennifer Lawrence at The Standard Inaugurates Prune Nourry’s The Amazon

On June 21, Jennifer Lawrence attended The Standard Inaugurates Prune Nourry’s: The Amazon in New York City. Lawrence joined director David O. Russell at The Standard East as they unveiled a 13-foot tall concrete bust by French artist Prune Nourry called “The Amazon.” Check out the photos below. Gallery Links: – Public Appearances > 2018 > Jun 21 │ The Standard Inaugurates Prune Nourry’s: The Amazon in New York City

Jennifer Lawrence attends the BAM Gala

On May 30, Jennifer attended the BAM Gala 2018 at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in New York City. During the event she posed for pictures with director Darren Aronofsky. The former couple split in the fall after over a year of dating, but they were all smiles posing together at the BAM Gala in New York City on Wednesday. The reunion didn’t stop there, the actress introduced Aronofsky, an honoree of the night. “I am thrilled to be here tonight to present this honor to my very good friend, Darren Aronofsky,” she said. Lawrence wore white for the event, pairing a dress with a structured bodice that fell below her knees with a pair of strappy silver heels and clutch. She wore her blonde locks in loose waves. Check out the photos below. Gallery Links: – Public Appearances > 2018 > May 30 │BAM Gala 2018 at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in NYC

Jennifer Lawrence attends Awards in Arts ceremony at Churchill Downs

Jennifer Lawrence made an appearance at Churchill Downs Saturday to show her support for the arts. The actress presented an award at the third annual Awards in the Arts ceremony. The event was hosted by Fund for the Arts, Jennifer Lawrence Foundation and Churchill Downs, and honored several of the city’s prominent artists and arts organizations. “This was an amazing evening full of creativity and inspiration,” said Meredith Lawrence, Jennifer’s sister-in-law and director of the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund and Jennifer Lawrence Foundation. “Through this event, we’re able to raise critical dollars and deliver transformative arts experiences to children and their families. I’m so glad Jennifer came home to help shine a spotlight on Louisville’s world-class arts community.” Seven awards were presented in categories ranging from arts innovation, arts education, arts advocacy and lifetime achievement. Each winner received a statue created by a local artist and a $5,000 cash grant. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund. The fund has reportedly invested more than $1 million into the community to provide access to the arts for more than 75,000 people. Check out the photos below. Gallery Links: – Public Appearances > 2018 > April 28 │3rd Awards for the Arts in Louisville, Kentucky