First trailer of ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’

The first trailer of ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix‘ was released today and in it we can see more of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique/Raven Darkhölme. Check the pictures in our gallery : Gallery Links: Movies > X-Men: Dark Phoenix – 2018 > Trailer  

Jennifer Lawrence to Star in James Cameron-Produced Film ‘The Dive’

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Jenn and the Hunger Games Ebola PSA Video

Jennifer and the Hunger Games cast came together to do an Ebola PSA. Watch above! I love Jenn’s humor at the end.

Watch 14-Year-Old Jennifer Lawrence Sing and Perform Shakespeare

We all know Jennifer Lawrence was so terrified to sing on set of The Mockingjay: Part 1 that she cried, but the Oscar-winning starlet wasn’t always scared to sing in public. CNN dug up some amazing vintage footage of Jen at age 14 performing in Shakespeare’s Othello, where she sung live on stage as Desdemona, and she sounded great. Her hometown drama teacher recalls that J. Law as a teenager was “precocious and energetic.” “She had to sing a cappella and that’s not easy to do and a lot of kids will shy away from that,” he explains. “That doesn’t surprise me that she had the courage to do that because she was determined and unflappable.” Hit the clip to hear her voice and find out what her first ever role was!

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